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Welcome, On these pages my pets will describe themselves and their favorite things.

Meet My Cats
Patches Snowball Socks
Romeo Boots Shybaby
Tigger Cheesepuff Juliet
Blimpie Callie Rose
Sassy Muffin

Coming soon: A page voted to my bird Mickey !

Answeres to Questions i've been asked:

Q -Why do you have so many cats !?!?!?
A -There are actually many reasons. One of the main is that there are so many homeless cats out there that need and deserve love ! I of course never expected 14 cats. But now i coulden't even imagin life without either one.
Q -Do you think you play 'favortisim to any cats' ?
A -I think we do sometimes like when ones sick or hurt or sad but i believe they are all equally loved. We all try to give equal attention to all.
A -Do the cats try to hurt Mickey.
Q -They sometimes get courious. but i belive they are more afraid of him than he is of them. When they do bother him they always get biten.
A -Are your cats spayed or neutered ?
ALL cats have either been spayed or neutered OR they have appointments.

The Dog Hause

Noah's Ark Pet Ring
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