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Fan: Rob I think you are SOO cute. When are you guys coming out with a new album?
Paul: "When Rob gets cuter..."

Adam:We just like it... like guys 10 years ago were worrired about wearing earrings... we think nail polish will be no big deal in the next 5 years... lots more men will wear it. IT'S FUN!!!
-on them wearing nail polish.

Kyle:C ritics don't like us because there's nothing for them to latch onto and write about. No one in the band is dying of a heroin addiction...we're just out there playing."
-courtesy of Maximum Guitar

Rob: "We're so girlie. It's just pitiful. I mean, come & talk to us on the bus when we're painting our nails (shows off his black nail polish) and ask us if we're going to beat women."
-Rob on the "Push" controversy of 'beating women'

Brian: The record company would kill us for saying it, but we almost want to tell fans when we meet them, 'Stop buying the record so we can go in and make the next one."

Rob:: "This song is about this girl that I really liked, except she was going out with this guy. And this guy was all wrong for her, but she couldn't see it, and he couldn't see it. And I thought ' wouldn't it be nice if they weren't together anymore'. (laughs)
- introducing Hang

fan: "Rob, my friend thinks you're a sex symbol for the 90's - what do you think about that?"
Rob: "I think your friend is blind."