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Rob: February 14, 1972
Paul: August 22, 1972
Kyle: August 29, 1975
Brian: November 14, 1969
Adam: November 26, 1964

Shoe sizes:

Rob: 9 1/2
Paul: 8
Kyle: 11 1/2
Brian: 9 1/2
Adam: 13

Favorite Drinks:

Rob: Jack Daniel's & Coke
Adam: Apple Juice
Paul: Beer, Dos Equis Lager preferred

What they smoke:

Rob: Camel Special Lights
Kyle: Camel Hard Pack
Paul: Marlboro
Brian: Marlboro
Adam: a non-smoker

Favorite Song(s) from 'Yourself or Someone Like You' :

Rob: "Kody".
Kyle: "Girl Like That"

Favorite songs to preform:

Rob: 'Back 2 Good'
Paul: 'Push'

If you have any additional information please email me.