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While looking up some information on a band(Bush if you must know) i found a page entitled "Adopt a member of BuSh" i went there to discover that you could actually 'adopt' a band member and place a cool little graphic on your site(much like cyber pets). My first thought was 'How Childish could you get' then after seeing TONS more for other celebrities i begin to think it was a 'fun' and idea since i didn't see any for Matchbox 20 I decided to make them !

To get your own fill out the form or email me. You will get your graphic in a week AT MOST some will arive sooner. To see an EXAMPLE go to the bottom. If you want a graphic like that just fill out the shorter form below the example.

If you adopt please link to me either by text or my banner(s) !!

I've have LOTS of trouble with the following form. If it does not send email the answers to most or all of the questions. Remember to send in the required fields !

Your Name:

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Who Do you want[required]:
All     --Do You Want--     5 individual graphics     --OR--     Just 1 graphic

Do you want me to use the Basic or your graphic(s)
Yours: The Pix addy:
(You may email the pic to me but please put your name in the subject)

Please use this for extra details

In the text block please tell me what colors and font to use !

You may use this banner to link to me or my other ones

An example of the graphics is below:

If you like this graphics & you only want Rob fill out the short form at take the graphic with you(right click, save as)